Junk Removers Can Pose Risks in Knox County

November 15, 2022
November 15, 2022 aaron

Junk Removers Can Pose Risks in Knox County

Are you looking for cut-rate junk removers in Knoxville, TN? If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. Many budget junk removers keep costs down by dumping illegally on public and private property, including parks, vacant lots, alleys, and even roads and highways. 


Serious Environmental and Legal Implications

Illegal dumping can be extremely damaging to Tenessee’s natural resources, including soil, waterways, plant life, and wildlife. Certainly, the lack of oversight increases the likelihood of human and environmental exposure to harmful and potentially toxic contaminants.


Knox County is taking aggressive steps to identify and prosecute illegal dumping, with severe consequences for all involved. In November 2021, County commissioners voted to increase the fines for littering and illegal dumping. In addition, the County hired Environmental Crimes Investigator Lt. Thomas Walker to investigate illegal dump sites and track large piles of litter back to the owners.


Over 150 Citations for Littering and Illegal Dumping in 2022

Over the past year, Lt. Walker has issued over 150 violations and taken eight businesses to court for illegal dumping. The court fined the guilty defendants and sentenced them each to 40 hours of litter pickup.


Penalties for illegal dumping and littering include daily fines ranging from $50 to $2,500, court costs, and abatement costs. Authorities will charge both the junk remover and the customer.


Report Illegal Dumping in Knox County

To report littered Knox County roads or roadside dumps, follow this link.


Alternatively, you can call the Knox County Solid Waste Office at (865) 215-5865 (ext. 0) and leave a detailed message with your callback number.


If you witness dumping or littering, report it to the Knox County Sherriff’s office. Provide a detailed description of the individual, the vehicle make, model and color, tag number, location, and time of day.


Reputable Junk Removers Help Combat Illegal Dumping

Knox County residents can do their part to fight illegal dumping by following all waste disposal and recycling guidelines. When hiring junk removers in Knox County, be sure to select a company that is licensed, insured, and listed on the County website.


#1 Environmentally Responsible Junk Removers in Knox County

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