Junk Galaxy provides professional hot tub removal in Knoxville, TN. Is your hot tub, spa, or jacuzzi out of service? Maybe it’s an eyesore, that is just taking up space on your deck or patio. Junk Galaxy is Knoxville’s hot tub removal expert!

#1 for Hot Rub Removal Knoxville

Disassembling a hot tub can be a very messy job, so you’ll want to hire an expert with the knowledge and willingness to minimize potentially harmful dust and debris–like us!

In addition, hot tubs are heavy and can be dangerous if not handled with care. Junk Galaxy has removed many hot tubs in Knox County. We have the tools and skills to disassemble your spa and move the debris over difficult terrain and through narrow gates. When it comes to hot tub removal in Knoxville, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done safely and successfully.

Hot Tub Removal Process

Junk Galaxy provides full-service hot tub removal. The only thing you have to do is drain the spa–pretty simple!

Here is how the hot tub removal process works:

  • Drain water from the spa or hot tub (Homeowner)
  • Disconnect and cap off electrical wiring, making sure it’s 100% safe and secure (contracted by Junk Galaxy)
  • Cut up and remove spa (Junk Galaxy)
  • Remove spa cover, steps, and any other related items (Junk Galaxy)
  • Sweep and rake debris from the work area (Junk Galaxy)
  • Recycle the wood and metal from your spa, reducing what goes into the landfill (Junk Galaxy)

Free Quotes for Hot Tub Removal Knoxville

Click here for a free estimate for hot tub removal in Knoxville, TN. Junk Galaxy provides written quotes so there are no surprise fees.

We are a proud Affiliate Member of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors.


Junk Galaxy is licensed and fully insured to complete your hot tub removal. In addition, we provide extensive training to ensure that our employees work safely and efficiently.


We dispose of the debris from your hot tub removal according to all state and local guidelines. This includes separating metal and electrical components for recycling center delivery.


Our crews will methodically disassemble your hot tub to minimize the debris field. After completing the hot tub removal, we meticulously collect and dispose of all loose material.

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