When your home or office building and remodeling projects require debris removal, call Junk Galaxy, the experts for construction debris removal in Knoxville. Junk Galaxy will remove your debris and dispose of it in compliance with all county and state guidelines.

Construction Debris Removal in Knoxville for Contractors, Handymen, & Homeowners

Contractors, builders, and even smaller “handyman” operations in Knoxville all need construction debris removal at some point. Of course, job site cleanup is the part of the job no one likes or wants to do. Fortunately, Junk Galaxy is here to help with our professional same-day construction debris removal service.

Full-Service Construction Debris Disposal for Increased Production

If your business involves building or demolition of any kind–from a residential bathroom remodel to a multi-million dollar project–it produces construction waste. The truth is, construction debris disposal is one of the most bothersome tasks for building contractors.

Clean-up and disposal are labor-intensive, time-consuming, and costly tasks. Plus, those debris piles around your job site are serious safety hazards. So, let Junk Galaxy remove the debris from your job site so your highly paid, skilled construction professionals can focus on production!

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  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Drywall
  • Dirt & Soil
  • Concrete
  • Miscellaneous Debris
  • More!


Whether you’re doing a single bathroom remodel, or redoing your entire home – at some point you will need construction debris removal. Our team can handle any debris removal job no matter how big or small.


From small projects to larger projects that last weeks or months, site clean up and debris disposal can be a regular task that must be done every week or even multiple times throughout the week. At Junk Galaxy, we can schedule regular pickups as needed.


Outsourcing the loading, hauling, and disposal of your construction debris is one of the best ways to minimize your own costs for wages, fuel, disposal fees, and time lost in production. Contact Junk Galaxy to do the heavy lifting!

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