The Best Choice for Construction Debris Disposal Knoxville!

August 20, 2021
August 20, 2021 aaron

The Best Choice for Construction Debris Disposal Knoxville!

Do You Need Construction Debris Disposal in Knoxville?

Are you planning a small construction project in Knox County or greater Knoxville? Perhaps you are a homeowner remodeling a kitchen or bathroom. Or maybe you are a general contractor building a home or office. Whether you manage commercial or residential projects, Junk Galaxy is the top partner for construction debris disposal in Knoxville.

Full-Service Capabilities

There is not always room for a dumpster on a residential or commercial job site. Some commercial properties don’t allow tenants to use dumpsters. And many residential properties don’t even have a driveway on which to place a dumpster. In these instances, full-service construction debris disposal is a necessity. No matter how small or large your project, Junk Galaxy can remove and dispose of your debris quickly and efficiently.

Full-service construction debris disposal is also quite helpful for do-it-yourselfers and contractors with small crews. Customers in these circumstances call us whenever they need a pickup. Some customers require a pickup every day–or night–and other customers only need us to pick up once a week. Whatever the case, Junk Galaxy is timely, professional, and available to serve.

Same-Day Construction Debris Disposal in Knoxville

There are times when contractors have an unanticipated need for construction debris disposal in Knoxville. For example, there are often times when the onsite dumpster is full but the rental company can’t empty it for a few days. So, trash and debris pile up outside the dumpster. That’s when Junk Galaxy is a contractor’s best friend–we provide same-day service for construction debris disposal!

Committed to the Knoxville Community

Junk Galaxy is dedicated to supporting other small businesses in Knoxville. We are a member of the Farragut West Knox Chamber of Commerce and an affiliate member of the Knoxville Area Association of Realtors. In addition, we support a variety of community-based initiatives championed by local nonprofit organizations.